NE Philosophy: No excuses

Many DT’s prioritize one aspect over others as their flag to achieve successes, championships and records. In my vision, a football team can make history when it manages to make the entire organization work with parameters of excellence.

It is of little or no use to have a great game system, a great mentality, or a great team, if different areas of the machine do not operate with the highest standards of professionalization and spirit of triumph.

When I take a football team, my methodology dictates that I have to influence all this machinery to be exceptional and focused on winning. I strongly believe in managing teams that share a vision, and that everyone works in the context of achieving it.

The team staff must have great specialists in different subjects: Technological, mathematical, statistical, opposition analysis, functional training management, nutrition and sleep specialists.

The Coach of this era is much more a business CEO, who receives critical information from different areas and makes the right decisions.
It is much more a CSO (Chief Sports Officer ®) than a mere coach.

He is the driver of multi-million dollar companies and consequently, he must surround himself with exceptional working groups, in order to make the right decisions.

In the training methodology, I believe in functional trainings, that work precisely what the team requires in certain circumstances. The generic workouts are from another era. Each training has to be planned, structured and carried out with a unique identity, they are the basis of the approach.

Finally, I am not looking for dogmatic players, who see the solution in the system. I am looking for multi-faceted and, above all, intelligent players, I am looking for intelligent teams that achieve solutions in all circumstances and lead the team to win. As the admired Luis Aragones said:
Win, Win and Win, and Win again.